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Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary is deeply committed to the rescue of animals in need, both domestic and exotic. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit animal sanctuary run entirely on donations. Due to being closed to the public, we don't qualify for government funding and most grants.  Many of these amazing animals have been abused, neglected, forgotten and cast away from the humans they trusted to protect them.  We are their voice, their home...their sanctuary. 

Welcome to Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary. 


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A one-time or recurring donation is the best way to support the sanctuary and help us to continue our work saving and caring for our animals. Between veterinary bills, staffing, feed, utilities, and upkeep, every dollar makes a difference! You can make your tax-deductible donation today!

Since we’re not open to the public, a great way to learn more about your favorite Cedarhill animal is to become their sponsor! Becoming a sponsor means you’ll receive photos and updates of your special sponsored animal letting you know how they’re doing throughout the year. Join the program and choose your animal today!

Are you ready to join us in saving the lives of animals, but aren’t sure where to start?

There are plenty of ways to get involved TODAY!


Designating Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary as a beneficiary in your will or trust is a meaningful way to help us continue to serve animals in need. Many of our programs and services have been made possible by individuals who have included Cedarhill in their final arrangements. Learn more about how you can create a lasting legacy for neglected animals
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Address: 144 Sanctuary Loop, Caledonia, MS 39740

Tel:  662-356-6636

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