We have 6 pigs that reside at Cedarhill but here a a few highlights!


This little Pot Bellied Pig is Willa. We call her Willa the Wonder Pig. She came to us from Alabama were she was wondering the streets of downtown Auburn. She weighed about 20 pounds but had the biggest heart you could imagine. Willa was brought to Cedarhill, but since she was so small we kept her away from the grown pot-bellies thinking they might hurt her. After a few weeks, we let her in with the other pigs to see how they would react to her. Well, Willa proceeded to run around and bite the big pigs on the rear end and run away before they could react to her. She was a whirl-wind of teeth and little pig feet. It was the funniest thing staff had seen in a long time! Willa made her mark in the pig pasture that day, and the older pigs apparently accepted her without reservation. Pigs do admire bravery in the face of insurmountable odds. She is now living with the grown pigs and doing very well in her new home.


Amos was surrendered to Cedarhill by his owners who could no longer care for him, but prior to that, Amos used to be a house pig! He would even take showers! Needless to say, when he came here it took him a little bit to adjust to being an outdoor pig. To help him we had a couple pig houses made to give him a "homey" feel. Amos has adjusted to "the pig life" but doesn't embrace the dirty and grimy aspect of it! Amos wouldn't even get in our giant mud hole, so we gave him a pool instead. He is one happy pig!


Noi was surrendered to Cedarhill because his owners could no longer care for him and meet the special needs of a pig. Pigs are adorable, highly social, and intelligent, but require a lot from of their owners and are NOT for everyone. Noi was not neutered before arriving since it was quiet costly for his previous owners. Once here, he was not accepted by the other pigs so we had to keep him separated. He made friends with our new donkey Molly and soon after we introduced him to his pig-mate, Rosie, the two seemed to really get along! 


Rosie came to us from the human society and was placed with Noi to keep him company. She loves running around her pasture and eating whatever she can find. She also loves to rub up on and sit on her caretakers laps. 

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