Tafari, Nombi and Jala-Gypsy

These lion siblings came to us from a sanctuary in California that had to shut down due to circumstances beyond their control.  The three lions,  the male named Tafari, and two females named Nombi, and Jala-Gypsy made their debut at Cedarhill in September of 2019.  The trio is only two years of age.  They are adjusting well to their new surroundings and have made Zeus a very happy neighbor.  We are so  very happy to hear our lion pride roaring upon sunrise each day.  


Zeus, formerly Deucey, and his mate, Danka, were first rescued with a few other big cats from a roadside attraction called the 2 by 2 Petting Zoo when it was closed down. The enclosure for the lions had no stimulatory toys and was entirely too small for the three lions it held. Their main food source was out-of-date chicken and beef from the local stores as well as processed deli meat and bacon which often they would not eat. Although Danka has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge, Zeus remains a happy and healthy boy who loves laying around and being lazy. He is our most vocal cat, and his deep, beautiful voice can be heard from miles around the sanctuary.

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