1. Be working toward a degree in wildlife management, veterinary studies, animal conservation, Biology or  zoology (preferred).

  2. Be able to work well with others and in any type of weather.

  3. Be able to take directions well from staff in charge of tasks.

  4. Know your limitations and being honest about what can and cannot do.​

  5. Exercise willingness to be flexible as tasks may change throughout the day. (NO day is like another when it comes to animals!)

  6.  Exercise willingness to be trained on various tools.



Deadline to apply is 29 March 2019


We are home to over 250 animals with a mission to provide a natural sanctuary to our residents.


Our goal is to provide a rounded experience in the animal industry, teach our interns what it takes to be a caretaker while educating them about the sanctuary field and animal care. Interns will gain valuable experience from assisting staff in the care and cleaning of animals’ enclosures, diet preparation, enrichment, grounds keeping, emergency response, and more.  To ensure the safety of our interns, staff and residents, all interns must participate in all training provided by CHAS.  Training with be a combination of shadowing and hands on.


A weekly $50 stipend will be given each Friday. Housing is provided with utilities, cable, Internet, heat &/or air-condition, full kitchen, washer/dryer, furniture.



  1. Responsible for daily care animals consisting of tigers, lions, bobcats, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, etc.

  2. Maintain and clean animal housing: included but not limited to scrubbing, sweeping, scooping, mopping, washing, etc.

  3. Prepare diets and monitor feeding: maintain food quality and health standards of produce and meat. Prepare food with consideration of dietary needs. Feed animals and observes quantities of waste for future diet recommendations.

  4. Preparing and administering animals’ medications: monitor animals’ health; maintain records of animal.

  5. Identify behavioral needs and improve husbandry; this includes animals’ enrichment.

  6. Maintain CHAS grounds as required.

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