Java, True, and Smoke have been with Cedarhill for over a year now! These three cuties joined our family as we were privileged to be able to adopt them from Last Chance Corral a wonderful horse rescue organization out of Athens, Ohio. Last Chance plays a huge part in these Nurse Mare Foals lives as they are referred to because the milk that a Nurse Mare is producing is used to nourish the foal of another foal, usually a thoroughbred. The foal of the Nurse Mare lack significant commercial value so they are cast aside. Last Chance rescues thousands of these foals yearly and carefully screens applicants before letting these foals be adopted. We were lucky enough to adopt the three. After endless training and care from our horse caretaker, these three have grown and opened up so much! We are so happy to be able to give them the life that they deserve. 


Bart is completely blind, but has learned his stable and pasture. He gets around without any problems. Bart came from a Texas home where he was raised. His owner was returning to school and could not care for him. Cedarhill took Bart in about seven years ago. Since that time he has done very well and has adjusted to his new home.


Flash is a 9-year-old thoroughbred gelding. In his younger days he was raced on a race-track but was sold to a couple who intended to use him as a trail rider horse. They noticed that Flash was bumping into things and consulted their vet. The vet confirmed that Flash was losing his eyesight. Flash lost the sight in one eye and partial sight in the other. The couple could not continue to pay for his medical care and Cedarhill was contacted and Flash found his forever home. He is doing very well with the other blind horse, Bart! They share a pasture and can be seen rolling in the grass or hanging out with the barn kitty, Bugs. We are so thankful we are able to give Flash the life he deserves. 


Prince is our beautiful 34 year old paint horse who has been with Cedarhill for over 5 years. Prince has overcome a lot in his life. He was passed around to multiple owners, experienced abuse that's left him very shy and skittish, and has a cancer that continues to reemerge.  All these issues haven't stop him from enjoying his life at Cedarhill! He has bonded closely with our miniature horses, Sunny and Sassy, developed trust in his caretakers, and he receives the proper care, love, and patience that every animal deserves. We love our sweet Prince and are proud to be his forever home. 


Sassy was brought here from Starkville, MS when the owner could no longer care for her. At that time no one realized she was pregnant with Sunny. On the morning of April 18th, Sunny was born weighing 33.5 pounds. Sunny has grown into a fine young miniature horse.  Sassy is a very skittish horse and was mistreated by her previous owner, but has come a long way since being at Cedarhill! She is opening up and has learned to trust the horse caretaker! We are so happy to have Sassy and Sunny at Cedarhill. 


Sunny was born at Cedarhill after we acquired his mother, Sassy, whom was already pregnant. This little guy brings a lot of fun and joy to the herd. He has learned so much at Cedarhill. You can see him roaming the horse pasture during the day, and even scratching an itch on the fence! He's a funny little horse and we are happy to have our little bonus horse at Cedarhill.


Dolly is our only donkey that came to us because an elderly woman could no longer car for her. She arrived and became quite intrigued by our pigs! She has became pals with our mini-paints as well. She has done very well at Cedarhill and loves to be scratched behind the ears! We are so happy to have Dolly here at Cedarhill. 

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