We have 20 domestic dogs that reside at Cedarhill but here a a few highlights!


Rex, who came to Cedarhill over 10 years ago. He is a Great Pyrenees and is one of our biggest dogs. Rex is actually blind, but he did not come to Cedarhill blind. All of our dogs live in pens outside with huts for shelter, and because they live outside, ticks are always going to be a problem. Even after having tick treatment, Rex was bitten by a tick. The tick bite reaction made Rex blind instantly, and staff had no idea how it happened for a while! He has done well and has adapted as best as a blind dog can! He knows exactly where everything is in his large pen, and his pen-mate is always there to help him. Priscilla is almost like his seeing eye dog! Cedarhill is happy to give Rex the best life possible.


Roman was brought to Cedarhill almost 4 years ago. He's one big pup! Roman has a terrible fear of thunder storms. We have given him medicine to calm him during storms but it doesn't seem to calm him down. He has gotten to where he attempts to escape his pen when storms come! In the past caretakers would bring him to the Big Cat House during storms so he would stay calm, but now he seems to be okay! There have been no attempts to escape and his pen-mate, Nika, has really helped him! She stays by his side at all times and makes sure he's okay during a loud storm. 


Venus was a local stray in our area for years. Our staff tried countless times to catch her but one day, she was FINALLY ready and she made her way to her forever home at Cedarhill.

Everyday, she learns to trust more and love more and we couldn't be more proud of her progress! What a transformation it's been!


Hazel came to us by a chance meeting but also as a blessing. She should be named Boomerang because her family abandoned her twice and she kept coming back to them until we found her wandering the streets malnourished and scared. This sweet girl is 3 yrs old and has only three legs but a big heart that goes with it.


Karma is a sweet girl who got her name because her previous owner beat her so hard she broke her leg. We were informed of the tragedy so we spoke with her owner to take her in and give her all the love she deserves. Despite what she went through, she is a very loving and sweet dog. We love her energetic personality!


Mia was adopted from the local humane society to be a companion for Black Jack. They became the best of friends until Black Jack passed. Mia loves to hang around on her little hut porch and roll around like a silly pup! 


Her owner had her tied to a trampoline in his backyard, and was starving her. He was raising her to fight, so he thought that was the best way to get her to be mean. She was rescued by Animal Rescue and brought to Cedarhill. She is now a very affectionate, playful, and healthy dog.


Sandie is another one of our dogs with a missing leg. Sandie's previous owners left her tied up and unsupervised for so long that she got twisted up in the rope. The tangle got so tight that she ultimately lost her leg from it. She absolutely does not let her missing leg stop her though. She is fast, outgoing, and VERY playful!

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