We have almost 200 domestic cats that reside at Cedarhill but here a a few highlights!


Rama and Bagheera came to Cedarhill a little over a year ago as kittens from a shelter. Cedarhill saved these two boys from being euthanized because at the time they tested FIV positive! Because Cedarhill takes in FIV/FeLV positive cats all the time, so they decided to help! Since it is possible for an infected mother cat to transfer FIV antibodies to her kitten(s), kittens who test positive may actually be negative for FIV/FeLV! These antibodies from their mother may stay in their system until around 6 months old, and Rama and Bagheera were only a few weeks old when they came to Cedarhill. So, before they were put into the FIV/FeLV cat room, they were tested at the correct age and it turned out that they were both negative! Rama and Bagheera love being at Cedarhill. They are so spoiled! We wouldn't want it any other way. 


Hope, Gizmo, and Baby Love arrived at Cedarhill in March of 2019. These three sisters, who are about one year old, came to Cedarhill from an animal hoarder. All three were kept in three separate cages their entire life. They were malnourished and had really no use of their back legs, had never been able to stand up properly because of how small the cages were. When the three sisters came to Cedarhill, they were extremely skittish due to never being handled by a human properly. As months have gone by, all three have opened up tremendously because of how amazing our caretakers are! Gizmo has realized that pets and love are the best thing in the world, Hope runs from room to room in search of treats and pets, and Baby Love, who has a little trouble with her hips, stares at anyone who walks in the room and gives a little meow until someone gives her some love. Their back legs are getting stronger every day, as well! These three are wonderful examples of what a little care and love will do to an abused and neglected animal. We are so happy to give them the life they deserve at Cedarhill. 


Titus was found with his sister, Italy, both were malnourished and covered in maggots. They were weak, underweight and suffering from sever dehydration and diarrhea. With intense care, Titus was nursed back to health. Unfortunately, his sister was too malnourished and passed a few weeks after she arrive. Titus is loving his new forever home at Cedarhill! He has turned into a spunky little cat. He thinks he runs the Big Cat House and has all the caretakers trained! If he isn't roaming around the Big Cat yard, then he's most likely on a caretaker's shoulder. 


Scrappy came to Cedarhill as a kitten after he was found injured on a construction site. His hindquarters had been crushed and he could not use his back legs. He would drag himself around on his front legs. The staff began working with him and over a period of time, they determined if they held his tail up he could support himself on his back legs! Eventually he was able to stand on his own and walk on all 4 legs! It is not the way a normal cat walks but it gets him where he wants to go. He is now 8 years old! Every so often he has muscle spasms and it takes a few minutes to stand, but those never truly slow him down. He is an inspiration to all of us with his determined spirit!


Tibbers came to Cedarhill because of a very sad means. A bystander saw a small kitten being thrown out of a moving car! Thankfully, this person stopped and scooped up the little guy and brought him to our vet. The vet contacted us to take him in after he was given a clean bill of health. He does have a side tilt to his head and he favors his left front paw but other than that he is thriving and loving Cedarhill! He has made many furry friends, and loves being at the more quiet cat house at Cedarhill. You can find him outside of the Senior/Disables Cat House lounging in one of the chairs or laying on his back showing his belly! 


Autumn was abandoned by her parents after she came out of anesthesia that unfortunately turned her blind. She is one of the most loving cats at the Senior/Disabled Cat House, and it's so hard to think that her parents left her at the vet because of a complication after a surgery that really did not handicap her as much as you would think. Autumn loves hanging around the Senior/Disabled Cat House with all her furry friends and caretakers. Whenever she gets excited or knows food is coming, she will walk in little circles! The caretakers will pick her up and set her down as kind of a "reboot". She is loved very much at Cedarhill and always will be.


Piper came to us as a kitten born with locked patellas in her back legs and was very sick. Cedarhill nursed her back to health and she now a beautiful resilient cat who is loved by her caretakers! She has become the "welcome wagon" for the new cats who are placed at the Senior/Disabled Cat House. She is always very interested in the new additions and makes sure they feel right at home! We are so lucky to have Piper at Cedarhill where we can give her a forever home.


Trudy came to Cedarhill in July of 2017. She was found by a local farmer, and she was very small, soaking wet, and had neurological damage and vision loss. The farmer brought her to the vet not knowing what he could actually do for her. Our wonderful vet saw a spark of life in little Trudy. She decided that if she could keep her healthy, she would grow stronger and have a wonder, happy life. Our vet turned her over to us, and not long after arriving at Cedarhill, she seemed to take a turn for the worst and returned to the vet where she was kept for nearly 6 months. After being under observation, she was returned to Cedarhill in wonderful health! Trudy is in our Senior/Disabled Cat House and is thriving! She can be seen running around trying to play with anyone willing. We think she is just happy to be back with other cats and not at the vet! We love giving her the life she deserves at Cedarhill.


Chevy got his name by how he was found...under the hood of a Chevy truck! One of our caretakers rescued him from some big dogs that were trying to hurt him. He has such a beautiful coat, too! He is a Marble Tabby cat. Chevy  hangs out in the Big Cat House yard most of the time, but every so often he comes inside to say hi! We love having Chevy at Cedarhill, and are so grateful for the caretaker who saved his little furry life. 

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