Bobcats and Cougars


Cassidy is our newest addition to our big cats here at Cedarhill.  He came with very little back story.  We do know that he was captured as a cub, and kept in a private breeders backyard with no vet care, and improper diet.  He came to Cedarhill in December of 2019, weak and frail and very skeptical of his surroundings.   Since coming to live here, he is thriving.  He's gained weight, and is looking very healthy.  We are very excited to introduce you all to Cassidy. 


Miss Sugz came to us by way of NYC. She lived in a woman's apartment in the city where she was declawed and never really got to be in her natural habitat. Bobcats love the outdoors! She eventually made her way down to MS and then to Cedarhill and had to live outside for the first time. She was weary at first but she is absolutely loving it along with her pen-mates Tommy & Barb.


Tommy was found in a coastal town in Mississippi. His mother had died. Tommy had a severe cleft pallet, and was taken by a vetinarian, who fixed his cleft pallet. After Tommy had healed up the vetinarian contacted Cedarhill. He was only about 6 months old. Tommy is doing very well, and now lives with Sugz and Barb in their own Bobcat habitat enclosure.  


Barb came to us as a baby when her mother was hit by a car and passed away. The others took her in and made her a part of them and she adjusted very well. 

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