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Two dogs for adoption…
We have never offered any dogs for adoption, but these two are special cases that would be better off somewhere else. We can’t keep them in their pens and both of them would make great companions.
Over the past year, Otis has made his way into the sanctuary several times. Usually, he was just looking for food and always ran from us.. The last time he got in, he was begging for our help. He had been shot twice and was starving. We named him Otis after the character on Andy Griffith. Otis is now a very healthy and very loving beagle mix. If anyone would like to adopt Otis, please call Michelle: 662 549-7273.
May 2012 Newsletter 
May…a new beginning...
We are finally beginning to see the daylight after such a horrible start this year. Michelle and I want to thank each and every one of you for your moral and financial support. Your belief in our work with the animals has encouraged us to move forward. I am still saddened to look down into Rachel’s, Oscar,s Phoebe’s and Sonya’s compounds… my heart will never be the same. We want to dedicate this newsletter to those wonderful animals.
Lady’s big move…

Gazebo Houses…
We have the large cat house that we completed last year and it is climate controlled. Then we have the older small buildings that I first built. Two of them are close to 20 years old and have reached the end of their 9 lives. Instead of demolishing the whole building, we decided to turn them into gazebos. Armin and Chris have begun tearing out walls. We will keep you updated with pictures.
Since Oscar and Sonja passed away, Lady and Tammy have been so lonely. Each had been in an enclosure by themselves. My bright idea was to put them together thinking they wanted a friend so bad, they would get along. Boy, was I wrong! The move went without a hitch. Tammy spent the first night checking out the new tiger in her sister’s house. The next morning when we released Lady into the enclosure, things went smoothly. Lady roamed around checking out her new surroundings as Tammy followed closely behind. All of a sudden, without provocation, both tigers roared, stood up on their back legs and slapped each other a couple of times. No one was hurt…neither one was really angry but ever since then, they have drawn an invisible line down the middle of the enclosure and neither crosses over. We have been told that this could go on for a month. Hopefully, we will have a happy ending in our next newsletter.
Our newest addition to the sanctuary is a cute little 3-legged mixed-breed, named Sandi. Her original owner kept her tied up outside and didn’t pay her any attention. The cable she was tied up with got wrapped up around her front leg cutting off the circulation. She had to have the leg removed. She is very agile and doesn’t let the fact that she only has three legs slow her down. She is a very happy dog and likes everyone. She was kept in as a house dog before she came to Cedarhill. She climbs or jumps out of every place we put her. She would make someone a great companion. If you would like to adopt her please call Michelle at 662 549-7273. 
The best news ever…
A roadside zoo is going under and all animals must be placed, that is not the good news. Many sanctuaries are full, but Cedarhill has two empty tiger enclosures which will hold two tigers each and two lion compounds (that is the good news). We will be welcoming the two lions Maximus and Sheba and the four tigers Bochi, Charger, Pashara and Penne. We are very excited about this. Our food bill will go back to what it was and that will be the only change in our expenses. I was hoping the new lions and tigers would arrive before we published the newsletter, but they will be featured in the next newsletter.
Willa, the loner…
Willa, is by far the funniest pig I’ve ever known. She never did get large like the others and to this day, she remains a loner. She is always by herself and she comes when you call her. The other pigs could care less if you are in their pasture. She has had a couple of boyfriends, Amos and Arthur, but they are wintertime boyfriends. She doesn’t want them around her when the weather is hot.
Turtles on the pond…
I have gotten fascinated with the turtle pond. Do you remember when I had to build this pond a couple of years ago? This is where the tiger pools drain and it has become inhabited with many turtles. We even gave them a log to climb out on to bask in the sun by the lily pads. I go down there 3 or 4 times a day just to watch them. It is very peaceful.
Until next time…
Things are getting back to normal and hopefully we will get back to the way things used to be. I just can’t begin to tell you how much each and every one of you responded to us. Your giving hearts for the animals never cease to amaze me. I never would have made it without your support, kind letters and financial help. Please continue to help us and to welcome the new residents. Until next time.
God saw you getting tired
 When a cure was not to be.
 So He closed His arms around you
 And whispered, “Come to me.:
 You didn’t deserve what you went through
 And so he gave you rest,
 God’s garden must be beautiful
 He only takes the best.
 And when we saw you sleeping
 So peaceful and free from pain,
 We could not wish you back
 To suffer that again. 
For the animals,

Kay and Michelle

C. Kay McElroy
Executive Director

Michelle Cranford
Head Caretaker